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About Us

When I started this company the intention was never to be like anyone else. I wanted to make a difference I wanted to live with purpose. Everything that I would do would be done to the best of my ability. To make this vision a reality it would require working with family owned factories who take great pride in thier work. Artisans. It would require elevating each and every person that helped make my vision come alive.

Luxury as I see it is not just a product but a way of life. To watch those who work with us live a better life is the best thing in the world. You the consumer have helped enhance the lives of many individuals. We started with a very simple goal: impact the world in a positive way bring forth change and create a brand that enhances the consumer’s life.

Each piece that we create is thought about from every perspective. First a product must serve a purpose second it should be tastefully executed. Finally the people that make each piece should enjoy the experience just as much as we do when we actually wear them. We present the collection using men who strive to live with purpose. Each of these men have gone above and beyond in both career and humanitarian efforts.

I hope you enjoy what we create after all it was all made for us to enjoy together.