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Kickaround Jacket
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The days of the fashion mullet (sportcoat with jeans) has to come to an end. Think about it, business up top and rebel down low?

We created this piece to bring harmony and balance to your “business casual” wardrobe. The KickAround functions in two ways: 1) a lightweight coat with collars down and sleeves buttoned and 2) a cool, easy jacket when you pop the collars and roll up the sleeves.

Yes, multifunctional yet sophisticated and allows you to change the attitude with a flip. The reach to the past of working guys clothing inspired this piece and it offers the perfect balance to your denim dreams.  

We have two versions in what we feel is our signature jacket for the season.

Blue & Green: 
• Made in Italy 
• 100% Wool
• Lining: 100% Nylon
• Dry clean only

Swiss Black & Blue: 
• Made in Italy 
• 72% Nylon
• 20% Merino Wool
• 8% Elastam
• Dry clean only

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