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The King of the Jungle. Clicking on this is pretty bold of you. The lion, in all its majesty, represents regal demeanor and strength. He is assertive and exudes a personal aura of power that is based on pure courage. Are you in a state of indecision? Perhaps a pair of these will help you find your way. It is either these or a fifth of bourbon.

The ever so powerful rhino. The rhino spirit represents solitary contentment. He who channels the rhino can be perfectly at peace in isolation. The rhino also conjures wisdom and substance. When wearing, keep the small talk to a minimum.

The world is often a tough place to be. At times we need to reach for our spirit animal. When channeling the powers of the gorilla spirit, you will be filled with strength.

In the spirit world, the Bear exudes strength and confidence. It also represents a sense of grounding and healing. Connect with the spirit bear and watch yourself become a better man.

A universal symbol of freedom and power. The spirit of the eagle, like the hawk, is the messenger of the spirit world. It soars through the skies effortlessly and is rarely hindered in its pursuit. The eagle spirit also represents vision and strength. If you need to be more focused or require liberation, then come fly with us.

Well, that is pretty confident of you to even click on the elephant. The spirit of the elephant embraces commitment. It is often a symbol of royalty and strength. With that in mind, should you happen to wear these while drinking, remember, be the king, not the jester.

Be very cautious. One of the top alpha's, the Tiger spirit combines willpower and total personal strength. The Tiger is about courage and ambition. Should you be pursuing advancement in any aspect of your life, put these pussy cats on and purr your way to the top.

Your "Link" to your animal spirit. Sometimes things are better said when you say nothing at all. The wolf represents intelligence, great instinct and a knack for social greatness.

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